Wedding Decoration Ideas

My Wedding Confetti is devoted to providing gorgeous feather light biodegradable bougainvillea petals. Here in the desert area of Palm Springs we grow bougainvillea plants in glorious abundance. Their rich bright colors enhance every view.

Northern climates do not have access to this exotic plumage.  Bougainvillea are the perfect event décor, the perfect confetti for any sort of party from weddings to  birthdays.  Ethereal and buoyant they float, lingering in the air. And, they bring smiles to faces. Surprisingly, it is the leaf that is the brightly colored “petal”, not the flower.  A bougainvillea leaf is both larger and flatter than a freeze-dried rose petal and, I feel, come at a much higher quality. With a lifespan of one year or more, the dried bougainvillea leaf can be ordered in advance and stored until your special date arrives.

These light fly-away petals are wonderful for events of all sorts. Bougainvillea petals can grace your tabletops or be flung as confetti. Place them in bowls at each table for guests to toss or order our prepackaged organza bags to save time. Bougainvillea are absolutely lovely when strewn around a table top. Tossed to float gracefully they follow the air currents. Dust the dance-floor, create petal paths, or even plan a grand petal-drop from the balcony. Flower girls can scatter the petals as they scamper down the aisle. They are lovely as inserts with your invitations. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

We are currently offering 8 beautiful color varieties and can mix any of your chosen colors together to create a special confetti concoction.

​Advantages of Using the Bougainvillea Petal

Increasingly, real flower confetti is both a necessary and a fashionable choice at events due to the restrictions by churches and worldwide venues banning non-biodegradable and environmentally unsafe confetti alternatives. That the bougainvillea is both natural and biodegradable is just one of many advantages to their usage.

Our bougainvillea plants are grown in completely organic conditions without the use of chemicals, fertilizers or insecticides. Likewise the petals are harvested with the same purpose, picked by hand and dried using only the elements of nature before being separated by hand from the flower bract.  They are a unique and exotic product.

They don’t wilt.

Bougainvillea petals last for a very long time if kept dry and out of the sun. In fact, they can be stored for one full year or more without damaging their viability. Also, they are harvested and in stock year round

They are also good for repeated usage!

Bougainvillea, once air-dried, retain just a tiny amount of moisture. This means that bougainvillea petals do not stain under normal dry conditions. Bougainvillea petals can be trodden into concrete and tiles, sprinkled on the whitest of table cloths or laid on ivory carpets without staining.

Non-staining means they are also non-slippery. Without that high level of moisture in the petals the bride, groom and guests are now safe from those unexpected banana-skin skidding moments that some petals can cause.

Another wonderful characteristic of the bougainvillea petal is its utterly-fluttery floatability. Quite a mouthful to say but rest assured with bougainvillea petals used for your confetti-toss, you won’t be getting a mouthful of petals as you walk out the church. We’ve all seen that moment when rice or smaller heavier flower petals have nearly blinded or choked the bride or groom, whilst the photographer has tried with all his might to capture that perfect shot as the confetti rains down like bullets. With bougainvillea petals time slows down, the photographer can be perfectly in place, whilst the bride and groom can strike the perfect pose and the guests can enthusiastically enjoy showering the happy couple with the perfect petal.

Quite possibly the most important feature of our bougainvillea petals is where they come from and by whom they are harvested. Our petals change lives for the better by offering safe, fair and dignified employment to marginalized communities in Kenya, whilst protecting threatened wildlife and habitats. Our African supplier employs underprivileged and illiterate women. By choosing our bougainvillea petals you are in turn supporting these women and their future. They now have the power to put their children through school, as well as provide an education for themselves to learn to read and write.

All of our petals are hand-picked and naturally air-dried, thus very fresh. These petals are 100% natural and biodegradable. Because they are laboriously picked by hand we get the very best final product. No chemical fertilizers are used in their growth. They do receive the occasional dose of organic goat manure.

We offer a very attractive price perfect for your wedding, event, resale, or individual needs.